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We offer many different kinds of advanced treatment that you would not find at a typical chiropractic or physical therapy office. We find that the more options have, the better we can take care of our patients. Typically, we use a combination of treatment selected specifically for each patient to achieve the best outcome possible. It is rare that we cannot help someone in some way since we have so many advanced treatments to choose from.



For disc bulge, herniated disc, sciatica, pinched nerve & degenerative disc disease

Spinal Decompression treats bulging and herniated disc by pulling back in the protruding disc material gently. When the herniated disc material goes back into the disc, the pressure on the pinched nerve is reduced, and the neck or back pain is decreased. We have found Spinal Decompression to be an indispensable treatment in treating neck and back pain. DRX 9000 is the gold standard in Spinal Decompression and our first flagship treatment. For more detailed information, please visit our dedicated DRX 9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression page.


For difficult conditions that have not responded to standard treatment

Treatments-2Softwave Therapy is the second flagship treatment at our office. Softwave Therapy uses state-of-the-art electrohydraulic technology to generate shockwaves that travel at 3355 mph. The extreme speed of these shockwaves dramatically reduces inflammation and increases circulation in the injured area, while being completely safe. The result is markedly decreased pain and increased movement often with just a single treatment. Due to its power and penetration, Softwave Therapy is often very effective in conditions that have not responded to standard treatment. For more detailed information about what kind of conditions can be treated with Softwave Therapy, please visit our dedicated Softwave Therapy page.


Safe alternative to pain medication and opioids for acute and chronic pain

Neuromed Matrix may seem like a typical electric muscle stimulation machine used at physical therapy offices. However, Neuromed Matrix is very different. A typical TENS or EMS machines operate at frequencies up to about 250 Hz. A TENS or EMS machine try to cover up the pain with electrical sensation. Therefore, the pain relief is only present when the patient is undergoing the treatment and the effect does not last long. Neuromed Matrix operates at frequencies up to 10,000 Hz and it stops the pain signals from being created. Therefore, the pain relief lasts much longer and its effect is also cumulative. With repeated treatment, eventually the patient will only need infrequent maintenance dose to keep the pain from returning, all without dangerous side effects of pain medications and opioids.


For faster healing & pain relief

Treatments-3Energy from Class IV laser can be used by cells to repair injury and accelerate cellular responses, leading to faster healing, decreased inflammation and reduced pain. It is especially effective for new injuries. Unlike other low-powered Class I to Class III lasers, high-powered Class IV lasers can penetrate deeply into the body and deliver substantial energy in a short time, dramatically increasing effectiveness. Class IV laser therapy is one of the most utilized treatments at our office.


For chronic muscle spasm, tennis elbow, & heel spur

Treatments-4Radial Shockwave Therapy device creates mini-shockwaves that spread out in a circular fashion, which break down stubborn spasm and scar tissue rapidly. Radial Shockwave Therapy can reduce stubborn muscle knots and stiffness in a single treatment better than multiple massage sessions. Recent researches have proven that Radial Shockwave Therapy is also effective in treatment of tennis elbow and heel spur. We have found Radial Shockwave Therapy to be very effective in conditions involving chronic muscle spasm and fibrosis.


For nerve pain and peripheral neuropathy

Non-Invasive Pulsed Radiofrequency Therapy reduces pain by applying a very precise electromagnetic current to a damaged nerve. This electromagnetic current causes the damaged nerve to start healing itself, which leads to normal nerve function. Unlike most nerve treatment which are spread out over a large area, Stimpod treatment requires the doctor to locate the exact nerve and stimulate it manually. This type of precision brings effectiveness to the treatment that simply cannot be duplicated by more of a global approach. Stimpod treatment is often effective for chronic and intractable nerve pain, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and Bell’s Palsy.


For post-concussion headache, anxiety, and insomnia

Many patients suffer from post-concussion headache, anxiety, insomnia and stress after a car accident or other kinds of trauma to the head and neck. Although there is extensive testing available to diagnose post-concussion syndrome, the truth is that there are not many treatment options available readily. Alpha-Stim is a painless brain electric stimulation treatment developed exclusively to balance the brain waves, leading to reduced headache, anxiety, and insomnia. We have found it effective for patients who suffer from post-concussion headache and anxiety from car accidents.


For neck and back pain and stiffness without the “cracking”

Spine can become stiff when injured and lead to pinched nerves and early arthritis if left untreated. Chiropractic adjustment reduces stiffness between each individual vertebra of the spine to prevent pinched nerves and early arthritis. For patients who may not want manual chiropractic adjustment, we use electric chiropractic adjusting instruments. Electric chiropractic adjusting instruments have the advantage of being more precise and repeatable compared to manual chiropractic adjustment without the “cracking” sound. For the best of both worlds, electric chiropractic adjusting instrument can be combined with manual chiropractic adjustment when appropriate.


For fibrous adhesion & scar tissue reduction

Rapid Release Therapy is a hand-held vibrational therapy device capable of 10,000 oscillations per minute. Its high frequency with very small movement of at the point of contact allow for very comfortable treatment. Like an opera singer’s voice being able to shatter a glass cup, Rapid Release Therapy’s high frequency vibration loosens up adhesions and scar tissues from chronic injury unlike any other massage therapy devices. It is especially effective on small areas, such as tendon and ligament attachment points and fingers.


For muscle spasm and stiffness

Themostim combines a metal blade edge, electric muscle stimulation, and cold/heat in one tool to treat muscle spasm, adhesion and stiffness unlike anything else before. The metal blade tool becomes ice cold or hot while emitting an electric current as it is scraped over body parts to reduce muscle spasm, adhesion, and scar tissue. This combination of three therapies at once increases patient comfort and effectiveness. It is especially effective in chronic long tendon problems such as Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow.


For trigger point and chronic muscle spasm

Treatments-5Combo Therapy combines electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy at the same time to produce an effect much greater than the two therapies performed separately. Combo Therapy can dramatically reduce trigger point and chronic muscle spasm without discomfort. By continuously moving the electric muscle stimulation point, the muscles do have chance to build up tolerance, leading to reduced muscle spasm. Combo Therapy is especially effective for tight and stiff shoulder and calf muscles.


For increased strength, endurance, and flexibility

Treatments-6Almost every patient is aware that they need to exercise to get better. Most patients have some muscle imbalance depending on their specific conditions. However, it is almost impossible for a layperson to pick the right exercises for his/her specific condition, perform them correctly, and know when to move onto more challenging exercises. Therefore, we will choose the right exercises for you based on your specific condition, teach you how to perform them correctly, and update your exercises as you progress. Your customized exercise program will be designed to fix your specific muscular imbalance and prevent you from keep having the same problem in the future.


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