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  • · Is your life being interrupted by neck or back pain?

  • · Have you been told that you have a disc problem, pinched nerve, sciatica, or degenerative spine?

  • · Have you tried pain medication, physical therapy, even epidural injection and still living with pain?

  • · Are you trying to avoid neck or back surgery?

There is a solution!



DRX 9000 is an FDA cleared, true spinal decompression therapy for:

  • · Neck & Back Pain

  • · Disc Herniation & Bulge

  • · Sciatica

  • · Pinched Nerve

  • · Degenerative Disc Disease

  • · Facet Syndrome

DRX 9000 allows for safe and effective treatment of serious neck and back conditions without drugs, surgery, or serious side effects. DRX9000 relieves neck and back pain by treating the injured and degenerated disc. DRX9000 pumps the disc repeatedly in a specific pattern during treatment. This specific pattern of disc pumping heals and hydrates the disc, leading to less pressure on nerves and joints. The result is much less pain and easier movement.

DRX9000 is the Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

  • · 88% to 90% success rate.

  • · Proven effectiveness in multiple medical studies at major research centers such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and Duke University.

  • · 1000+ units located around the world.

  • · Hundreds of thousands of patients successfully treated.

We invite you to come in for a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for the DRX9000 treatment. During the consultation, the Doctor will personally review your previous treatment history, test results, perform a detailed physical exam, and answer any questions that you might have. He will also give you a recommendation on whether you would benefit from DRX9000 treatment or something else. All patients leave the consultation with a much better understanding about their conditions, whether they begin the DRX9000 treatment or not. Please call 718-746-4919 or email us at NYDiscChiro@protonmail.com to schedule your consultation. We highly recommend bringing in your past treatment record and test results, especially the MRI images on a CD.

What Makes DRX9000 Different from Standard Treatment?

Most serious neck and back pain are caused by injured or degenerated disc. However, standard medical care is often not enough.

  • · Pain medication masks the pain from the injured or degenerated disc temporarily but cannot heal the disc.

  • · Physical Therapy aims to strengthen the muscles around the disc but cannot heal the disc.

  • · Epidural injection decreases inflammation from the injured or degenerated disc temporarily but cannot heal the disc.

DRX9000 is designed specifically to treat and heal the disc that is the cause of most serious neck and back pain. DRX9000 is the ideal solution for neck and back pain caused by injured and degenerated disc, especially if previous treatment has failed to achieve satisfactory result. DRX9000 treats the cause of serious neck and back pain, not just the symptoms like standard medical care.



No. DRX9000 treatment is done lying down on the back and it is usually very gentle and many patients fall asleep. You might be mildly sore as the force is increased in future treatment sessions. It is similar to the soreness that you would feel after exercising for the first time. This is normal and we take steps to prevent it as much as possible.

A single treatment session usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. Most patients are then treated with other treatment afterwards, customized for each patient for the best result.

The number of DRX9000 treatment visits is determined by how severe your condition is and how many discs are involved. DRX9000 treatment is usually combined with other treatment such as laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and exercise therapy. Every treatment program is custom-tailored to each patient and no patients get the exact same treatment. Most patients are recommended between 2 to 3 months of treatment period at about 3 times per week.

All health insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare consider DRX9000 an elective procedure and DO NOT COVER DRX9000 treatment. Patients are responsible for the payment of their DRX9000 treatment, unless they were involved in a car accident or work injury. We currently do accept No-Fault car accident insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance for DRX 9000 treatment.

Cost of DRX9000 depends on how many treatment visits are needed to heal the disc as much as possible and what other therapies are involved in the custom treatment program. Single treatment session typically costs between $120 to $200.

Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to guarantee result with any medical procedure. Although success cannot be guaranteed, every patient’s condition is reviewed in great detail to ensure the highest chance of success with the DRX9000 treatment. Fortunately, DRX9000 has one of the highest success rates of any medical procedures.

Should I get spinal surgery instead of DRX9000?

During the consultation, we will let you know if you would be better treated with spinal surgery instead of DRX9000. However, spinal surgery is a life-changing event with major risks that should be considered very carefully. Please consider the following about spinal surgery:

  • · After the surgery, most patients will be in terrible amount of pain for about 4 to 6 weeks. Most people describe it to be much worse than childbirth or fracture. Sleep will be nearly impossible, and most basic activities will be difficult, including as walking or cleaning oneself, or even going to the bathroom.

  • · Full recovery usually takes from 6 months to 1 year. Most patients will not be able to work until full recovery. Back surgery patients tend to recover more slowly than neck surgery patients.

  • · There is at least 20% chance that the surgery will not be successful. About 1 out of 5 people do not get better or even get worse after spinal surgery.

  • · Spinal surgery is irreversible and you will have to live with the result for the rest of your life.

  • · Serious complications rate after spinal surgery is 7% to 20%.

  • · Chance of death from spinal surgery is about 1/1000.

Unless you are the small percentage of neck and back pain sufferers whose condition cannot be treated with anything else but spinal surgery, it would be wise try all treatment options before surgery. DRX9000 non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is a clinically proven treatment that actually treats and heals the disc without serious risks of spinal surgery.

Now it’s time to make a decision for your health and your future…

  • · You can choose to do nothing and continue to live with your neck or back pain. Most likely you will continue to get worse and need more drastic action in the future.

  • · You can continue to do the same thing you have been doing, such as pain medication, physical therapy, or epidural injection. At best you will continue to be about the same as you are now and hopefully avoid surgery.

  • · You can choose to undergo surgery, knowing that you have a significant chance of getting worse for the rest of your life. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones.

Or you can choose to invest in your health and future and come in for a consultation for the DRX9000!

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Please call us to schedule a consultation at 718-746-4919 or email us at NYDiscChiro@protonmail.com. We also invite you to visit the manufacturer’s website at ExciteMedical.com to learn more about the DRX9000.

Yours in health,

NY Disc Chiropractic, PC


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