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Yes. Whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, at fault or not at fault, NY State laws guarantee medical benefits when you are injured in a car accident. However, there is a deadline for applying for No-Fault insurance benefits after the accident (30 days). If you have not applied for No-Fault insurance benefits by filling out a NF2 form within 30 days after your accident, you will not be eligible for No-Fault insurance benefits.

We may also be able to accept you as a patient even if your medical benefits have been terminated due to an insurance doctor’s opinion. If your last date of treatment for your car accident injuries was within a year, you might still qualify for treatment at our office. Please call our office at (718) 746-4919 or email our office at to discuss your situation and find out if we can accept your No-Fault insurance.

For most cases, yes, as long as one of your injuries is neck or back.  Please contact our office with your Workers’ Compensation insurance information such as the date of accident, case number, and claim number. If your injury is new and you haven’t received your Workers’ Compensation insurance information yet, we can help you file your claim. If your injury was many months to many years ago, we may still be able to accept you as a patient. Please call our office to discuss your current situation.

Our office is currently not in network with any health insurance companies and we are not able to accept any HMO and EPO plans. We can accept some PPO plans. Please contact our office with your insurance information and we will verify your medical coverage. However, many of our advanced treatment, such as DRX 9000 or Softwave Therapy, are not covered by most health insurances because they are considered elective.

All NY State Medicaid plans do not cover for any chiropractic services. Medicaid patients are financially responsible for all treatment they receive at our office.

We current cannot accept Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans. Regular Medicare (Part B) covers only minimal amount (around $20 per visit) of treatment cost at our office after the yearly deductible is met. Medicare patients are financially responsible for the remaining balance of treatment cost at our office, which is expected to be between $80 to $150 per visit.

Yes. You will be informed of how much your treatment will cost before you begin the treatment. The treatment cost is based on the type and number of treatments you receive at each visit. Our fees are comparable to other offices that offer similar treatment.


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