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Advanced Chiropractic Treatment

Although millions of people have benefited from chiropractic, many people still don’t know too much about it. You might think all chiropractic treatments are the same, but the fact is chiropractic treatments can differ greatly. Your chiropractic treatment experience would depend greatly based on the type of chiropractic technique your chiropractor uses to treat your specific condition.


It is estimated there are more than 200 different chiropractic techniques, from mainstream to esoteric. There are about 20 main chiropractic techniques, such as Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Thompson, etc. Chiropractic treatment can be done manually, done with a simple mechanical adjusting tool, or with a complex computerized instrument. One chiropractor may utilize multiple modern treatment equipment and tables, another chiropractor may rely solely on a simple traditional adjusting table and his/her hands. Although no single chiropractic technique has ever been proven to be superior to another, it makes sense to assume that no single technique would always be the best choice to treat all patients. Therefore, at our office, we utilize a variety of proven chiropractic techniques and modern treatment equipment to treat a wide variety of patients and conditions.

Dr. Sangwoo Mah has taken numerous chiropractic technique seminars throughout his career and he incorporates the best parts of these techniques, as well as latest in chiropractic treatment technology, to treat his patients. Dr. Mah’s chiropractic treatment includes:

  • · Diversified manual chiropractic adjustment

  • · Automated flexion distraction chiropractic drop tables

  • · Arthrostim electric chiropractic adjusting instrument

  • · Vibracussor electric soft tissue therapy instrument

  • · Ultra-high frequency soft tissue vibration therapy

  • · Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy

  • · Various electrical modalities

Many patients who come to Dr. Mah after being treated by another chiropractor are often surprised how different and effective Dr. Mah’s treatment is. Effectiveness of Dr. Mah’s treatment can be attributed to the careful selection of specific treatments for a particular condition in the right order and intensity. No two patients get the exact same treatment, and depending on the nature of your condition, your treatment may be simple or complex. Your treatment will be fine-tuned on each subsequent visits until optimal response is achieved. If you are suffering from pain or injury despite being treated by a chiropractor previously, we invite you to try Dr. Mah’s advanced chiropractic treatment.

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